Mistakes to Avoid in Planning Your Commercial Landscaping

The goal of commercial landscaping is to garner positive attention for your business, drawing customers and clients, and ultimately increasing revenue.  Commercial landscaping can also add value to your property, highlighting your business and your buildings’ features.  In addition, commercial landscaping, in giving your business and aesthetically pleasing look, can also improve the work ethic of your employees.

Commercial landscaping is a great idea for your business, but only if it is done well. If not, it can turn into a nightmarish undertaking that costs you time and money without achieving your goals. Commercial landscaping is a large enterprise that requires the guidance of a reputable professional landscaping service. Because commercial landscaping takes time, money, and manpower, it is crucial to devise the proper landscape design and follow through with appropriate execution of the design.

Let’s explore some common mistakes business owners make when planning commercial landscaping and the ways to avoid them.

Lack of Planning and Follow-Through

Often commercial landscaping projects begin and never really end, or they start, stop, restart, stop, and so on. When starting a commercial landscaping project, everything must be planned out before the process begins, from the design, to the execution, to the maintenance that will be needed when the construction is complete. Without these components, your commercial landscaping project may turn into an ongoing aggravation that doesn’t have the effect you intended. Develop your plan with a plan to sustain it and create the commercial landscaping you want for your business.

Begin at the Front Door

Your commercial landscaping should make a great first impression, so begin at the front door. Your entry should be the focal point of your landscaping project, drawing your customers, clients, and colleagues into your company and welcoming them.

Landscaping is Art

Landscaping is art, it should be moving and colorful, while creating a professional canvas to enhance your business. Your landscape should not be static, but changing in subtle ways throughout the year to maintain its appeal in the eyes of your visitors. This can be accomplished by the simple addition of seasonal annuals and perennials that are bursting with color and interest. It can be done in the form of unexpected borders, an intriguing design, or even a row of river rocks or bricks.

Give the Garden Room to Grow

During the planning and planting stage, the knowledge of how large plants can grow is vital. Remember, when first planted, your commercial landscaping will not look full, but will grow into a bountiful garden. If not given the space needed, rather than aesthetically pleasing landscaping, you will have an overgrown, unwieldy muddle.

Supply Adequate Water and Drainage

When your commercial landscaping is complete, your plants will need water and proper drainage to flourish. Installing a sprinkler system during the project is the way to go, as is a properly designed drainage system. Without both, problems will arise in the form of unwanted puddles and flooded walkways, the growth of bacteria or fungus in your garden, and the development of moss and algae on your surrounding surfaces.

Add Amenities

If you want your commercial landscaping to be truly special, be sure your plan includes not only vibrant colors, but seating and shady spots. These amenities will be welcoming to your clients and colleagues while offering a respite to your employees during the work day.

Your commercial landscaping project can be a success from the start when you call on the team at Xtreme Landscaping to ensure your business is beautifully landscaped.