The Hidden Value of Landscaping

The Hidden Value of Landscaping

While you are probably quite proud of your lush green yard and colorful beds, you may have never considered the hidden values of all that beautiful landscaping. Almost everyone admires a colorful, well-designed plush landscape, which makes your home or office stand out from the crowd. Of course, keeping your lawn and garden maintained has even more impact on you and your community. Let’s explore why:

Well-being, Mood, and Mental Health

Your lush lawn and vibrant plant beds have been shown to have a calming effect on people’s moods as well as promoting healing for their bodies. Several studies have established a connection between seeing the lush greens of lawns and landscapes and faster recovery and rehabilitation in patients. Strolling through and admiring grounds that are professionally landscaped and maintained actually helps patients get well faster. Lavish greenery relaxes the mind while refreshing and rejuvenating you. You’ve probably already experienced it; don’t you feel better if you take a walk outside during a stress filled day? Of course, you do, it’s one of the hidden values of landscaping.

The Environment

In addition, your lawn provides lots of fresh air, which certainly can’t hurt! As you probably know, this benefit from grass, trees, and plants is nature’s plan. Grass, plants, and trees absorb carbon dioxide, convert it to energy, and return it to the environment as oxygen – all part of the circle of life. Your lawn and garden even has the ability to attract dust and other airborne wastes, helping to reduce pollution in the air. Grass, trees, and plants help prevent soil erosion, holding it with their roots. They also aid in the rains saturation of the soil for your lawn. On sunny days, all these amazing plants keep the area cool by absorbing the sun’s radiation on hot summer days.

Visual Appeal

This hidden benefit of landscaping translates to value in a number of ways:

  • By keeping things neat and tidy with regards to your lawn and landscaping, your home will be pleasing to all who pass by and you will increase the value of your home as well. If you and all your neighbors join in the aesthetic clean-up plan, you’ll not only add curb appeal to your neighborhood, but also increase home values in the entire community.
  • As a business owner, lush landscaping and bright flowers will attract and entice visitors to your business as well as welcome existing customers and clients.
  • Finally, as a home or business owner, fabulous landscaping, as mentioned earlier, delivers curb appeal and increases property values. If you are in the market to sell property, this is a bonus that real estate agents love to see, after all, a well-kept landscape typically indicates a well-kept property. Quality, professional landscaping can increase the value of your home by nearly 20 percent and speed up the sale as well.

As you know, keeping your lawn and gardens looking their best requires time, effort, and money. One of these areas is often prohibits home and business owners from giving the landscaping the attention it needs. But now that you know the value and importance of a lush landscaping, we’d like to offer a hand. We would love to sit down with you to plan, landscape, and maintain your lawn. From softscaping (plantings) to hardscaping, we deliver 200 percent on every project. Call us to day for your free estimate on landscaping design, installation, and maintenance of your new lush landscape.

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