Should You Finance Landscaping Costs? 5 Benefits Of Landscape Financing

Should You Finance Landscaping Costs? 5 Benefits Of Landscape Financing

Landscape financing allows you the opportunity to design and install your dream landscaping without the strain of paying for it all at once, or the hassles associated with finishing the project in choppy stages.

We are proud to offer affordable landscape financing with 0% finance terms for 6 to 60 months, depending on the amount financed. You’ll enjoy low monthly payments and lenient lending terms. Plus, the application and approval process is incredibly fast and simple. Here are some of the biggest benefits to landscape financing.

#1. Don’t Finish Your Project In Stages

It’s not uncommon for people to complete landscaping projects in stages, landscape lighting in the fall, new trees in the summer, and so forth.  This can create a couple different issues. For one, you’ll be looking at unfinished landscaping for a long while. Secondly, landscape design never flows as well when it’s completed in chunks as opposed to all at once. Our landscape financing options allow you to complete your project in one swoop while paying for it over time at a more affordable pace.

#2. Don’t Postpone Your Landscaping Needs

Do you look out at your yard and dream about what it could be? Just because your landscaping needs help now doesn’t mean it’s in the budget to fork over thousands of dollars right now. You shouldn’t have to wait years on end to fully enjoy your yard. You can make your yard a space you are proud to call home today without paying for landscape design and installation all at once. You make affordable monthly payments while simultaneously enjoying the new look, feel, and functionality of your space.

#3. Design & Install The Yard You Really Want

There is nothing wrong with budget-friendly landscaping, in fact we are all about providing design and installation that fits in line with your budget. Yet, when working with a set amount of cash it’s easy to start crossing valuable landscaping components off of your list. Affordable landscape financing plans allow you to implement more things on your wish list without breaking the bank.

Rest assured, that doesn’t mean budgets go flying out the window, instead you just have a little bit more wiggle room for elements that’ll truly benefit the look, feel, and overall value of your yard.

#4.  Landscape Financing Allows For Better Planning

When your landscaping is completed in one swoop, with both the design and installation completed together, the whole feel and function of landscaping improves. When you install different things at different times, or worse yet, enlist different landscape companies to take care of different things, the work can start to look rather patchy. Doing work in chunks may even result in having to rip up and reinstall certain elements, which is going to cost you extra. Then there are important things like drainage, when does that fall into your landscaping plan? By holding off on crucial elements like drainage you risk serious damages to your yard and home.

#5.  Start Landscaping Right Away!

Have you been waiting weeks, months, or even years to get the green light to start revamping your landscaping? It’s time to bring your landscaping dreams to reality! Contact us today to learn more about our special landscape financing opportunities.

Don’t Get Caught In A Bad Landscape Financing Deal

Not all landscape financing deals are good deals. Just because you don’t have to pay for it up front in full doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Carefully read over the terms of the loan to make sure they are reasonable.

Look for landscape financing that offers no interest for X amount of months. That means as long as you pay it off in the no interest time frame you pay nothing extra in interest. On the other hand, sky-high interest rates that are applied the very first month the loan is initiated may end up costing you way more money than it’s worth.

We vow to do right by you, offering affordable landscape financing options that make sense for everyone involved. Depending on the loan amount, we offer 0% interest for 6 to 60 months. We partner with leading financial institutions in order to help you secure landscape financing without hassle. Financial service advisors are available to answer all of your questions to help make the process go as smooth as possible.