11 Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas People of All Ages Will Love

11 Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas People of All Ages Will Love

The following kid-friendly landscaping ideas are sure to please parents and their children. Most of the time, kids and adults prefer two very different things but certain landscaping elements are easier to agree on than you might think. Read on to learn more!

1. Swing Sets

Do you have a blank space in your yard you’d like to fill without spending a fortune? Swing sets come in all different sizes and varieties—you can go big or stick to a smaller model depending on how much space you have and how much you want to spend. Swing sets offer hours of fun for kids, they require little maintenance, and can be sold and relocated after kids outgrow them.

2. Chalkboard Paint Fence

Interactive landscape elements are crucial for kids, and a fence post outfitted with chalkboard paint offers just that. Kids will love drawing on the fence again and again, plus it can serve as a learning tool and creative outlet for kids to write stories, draw pictures, etc. Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and can be applied to a variety of materials. 

3. Add a Mini Bridge

Small bridges add character and charm to your landscaping, even kids can appreciate a good bridge. A small bridge can generate hours of imaginative play, making your child’s play space a bit more magical.

4. Perfect Your Swing with a Backyard Putting Green

Putting greens can be made to fit just about any space, big or small. Not only will it help you work on your golf swing, but you might be surprised just how much kids love to partake in the fun. Careful dad, little Jimmy might outswing you in no time!

5. Hang a Hammock in the Shade

A hammock hung between two trees is an ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday. As much as you’re sure to enjoy the hammock, your kids will love it too. Kids think hammocks are cool and you might even be able to convince your child to read a book or finish some homework while swinging in it.

6. Install a Splash Pad

Are you looking to go all out? Then you might want to consider adding a splash pad to your backyard—aka the ultimate kid’s playground. Splash pads consist of concrete or stone slabs outfitted with holes for water to shoot up out of. They are surprisingly affordable to install and come in handy on a hot summer’s day, especially if you don’t have a pool. They can be made to blend right in with the rest of your landscaping.

7. Life-Size Checkerboards & Hop Scotch

Use sod (faux or authentic) and concrete pavers to create checker squares that make up a full board. All you need are some large chess pieces and you’re ready to battle it out family-style. You could use sod and concrete pavers to create a permanent hopscotch course as well.

8. Recreate the Beach in your Backyard

Picture this, cozying up to a warm fire with your toes in the sand in your very own backyard. Add some sand around your fire pit to create a beachy atmosphere like none other. Insert a mix of built-in seating and lounge chairs to seal the deal.

9. Twinkle Tea Lights

String lights aren’t just popular at weddings, they are twinkling from trendy porches and beautiful backyards across the nation. String lights offer a magical look that both kids and adults can appreciate.

10. Grass Lawns

Florida’s warm and moist weather helps green lawns flourish. If you have a large space to fill, you might want to consider adding a grass lawn that kids can use to play sports, jump rope, or simply roll around. Just remember, grass lawns require a lot of maintenance.

11. Veggie Garden Fun

Plant a fruit and/or veggie garden that you and your kids can maintain together. Not only do you score virtually free food as a result, but also you show kids how to sustain life the all-natural way.