The Value of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

The Value of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscape maintenance includes planning for function, value, and beauty. And though many believe commercial landscape maintenance to be simply lawn trimming and mowing, it is so much more. When you need commercial landscape maintenance, you should start by considering commercial landscape professionals who have the experience, knowledge, and skill to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your commercial property.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Adds Value

Commercial Landscape Maintenance should, first and foremost, provide a positive first impression to those who pass by and visit your place of business. It should include well-manicured grass, with attractive foliage, and colorful flowers placed in a way that highlights your property and welcomes customers, employees, tenants, or visitors.

Aesthetics are powerful because everyone appreciates attractive landscaping and companies who keep up outdoor appearances demonstrate they are proactive and care about their clients. Dedication to commercial landscape maintenance also shows that your company is committed to the environment and your community’s ecological health.

Next, commercial landscape maintenance delivers well-landscaped property that increases your property value while enhancing the neighborhood with the potential to increase their property values as well. Commercial landscaping that is not well maintained can lead to property damage and create hazards and potential injury for those entering your business, like employees, customers, colleagues, or tenants.

Well-designed and executed commercial landscape maintenance also promises money savings for your company including lowered utility, heating, air conditioning, and water bills. A water conservation plan can be included so that savings are garnered in regard to natural resources. A property with well-maintained commercial landscaping features appropriate lighting and landscaping, making it less likely to be a target for criminal activity. 

Talking to Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

When you contract with a commercial landscape maintenance company, you should be able to make suggestions and provide ideas for improving your property. Consider talking with your commercial landscape professionals about these items:

  • The addition of seasonal flowers at entryways and in common areas to welcome employees, guests, colleagues, and customers. You may also want to discuss the benefits of planting native local plants to aid in water conservation and soil conservation while showing you are eco-friendly and want to contribute positively to the world around you.
  • Ask your landscape team about adding hardscapes to your property. Walkways, walls, stairs, patios, decks, paths, and fences add to the look of your property, create functional spaces for employees, tenants, or customers to relax, and offer privacy for your property. Studies have even shown that employees who are surround by a peaceful natural environment are healthier and more productive, meaning they can serve you clients and customers more effectively.
  • Discuss when tree and shrub maintenance will be scheduled to keep everything looking great and growing strong. This maintenance should include pruning dead or diseased limbs and branches as well as removal of trimmings.
  • Talk about adding energy efficient lighting options to pathways, walkways, entryways, and other areas for safety. Discuss lighting options that can also work to deter crime and keep your property secure.

The benefits and values of commercial landscaping maintenance are very evident, putting your best self forward and drawing attention to your business in positive ways. You can count on the team at Xtreme Landscaping to perform exceptional commercial landscape maintenance that keeps your property in tip-top condition while providing a better work environment for your employees and delivering a welcoming first impression to clients and customers.