Residential Tree Services

Are you in need of tree trimming and/or tree removal services? Here at Xtreme Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance we offer both at an affordable rate. Call us today to set up an appointment.


You really want to do your project all at once. The landscaping, the lighting, the whole shebang! Unfortunately, you only have enough to do 2 or 3 out of the 4. That means you have to do it in stages, right? The answer is NO! Ask us about our 0% financing offer.

Tree Trimming Services

Trees play a big role in the overall look and feel of your landscaping. Trees can even help lower your energy bill when properly trimmed and planted in opportune areas around your home. Our strong working knowledge of different tree species allows us to work with a wide variety of both native and non-native Florida tree species. While making your trees look as perfect as possible, we also aim to increase health, optimal growth and longevity by applying the best cuts personalized to each individual tree. Certain trees should not be trimmed, while other trees require a specific process for successful tree trimming. No need to worry, we are true tree experts!

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    0% Finance Terms Available From 6-60 Months!

    We have flexible options, guaranteed to work for your project.

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    Low Monthly Payments and Lenient Lending!

    We make having the landscape you want a simple process.

Tree Removal Services

Speaking of tree stability, if a tree is in danger of falling over, or just doesn’t suit your needs anymore, we are the guys and gals trusted to safely uproot it and tow it away. Similarly, if a tree falls over on your property we can remove it. Regular maintenance allows us to pinpoint trees that are in visible danger of uprooting so that we can remove them before they have a chance to blow over and cause damage.

Hurricane & Storm Prep For Trees

Speaking of storms, we specialize in storm and hurricane-prep tree services. Trees can make a big and beautiful statement for your home, but they can present certain dangers during hurricane season or if a big enough storm blows into town. Trees that are not properly cut or maintained are at a greater risk of causing damages during a storm or hurricane. Our knowledgeable team of tree specialists would love to reduce your risks as soon as today.

Superior Tree Services In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Our licensed tree trimmers share a passion for trees that’ll benefit your residential landscaping in so many ways. From tree trimming that helps your trees better grow and thrive to professional tree removal, we take care of it all. Feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss concerns, goals or unique requests—we love creating customized looks for our clients.