Residential Services

When you work with Xtreme you are working with a team that takes pride in their work.

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We offer custom residential maintenance plans to keep your landscape beautiful without all of the hassle.

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Design & Installation

Here at Xtreme Landscaping we can take care of the entire process from design to installation.

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Make Your Property Shine

Tired of your boring front yard or backyard? Xtreme wants to make the outside of your home be as beautiful, warm and inviting as it can be. We guide you through a process that may otherwise be overwhelming. We educate you and help you make decisions best suited for landscape goals while diligently planning with you to manage budget, long-term care and happiness. Where Do You Start? Did you try to GOOGLE some ideas and come across any of this? Landscape Design!…Redesign!…Hardscapes!…Softscapes!…Water Features!…Lighting Too?! It is a lot to take in and study. What is the first step in laying the foundation to a successful landscape install? What plants go with what? Perennials? Annuals? Palms? What KIND of palm – Multiple species? What about rare species? Can you mix these with those species native of Florida? There are so Many Questions that you must have immediate answers to! There are even more IDEAS! With so many options and so many ways for things to go wrong – Let us help you do it right!

We have been doing this for well over 20 years now. We know exactly what we are doing. We can educate you and show you the best possible solution to enhance the exterior of your property. There are multiple factors to consider when preparing landscaping designs. We will walk you through this process thoroughly, and more importantly, with a lot of patience. Having effective Lighting and Irrigation systems also play important roles in an amazing landscape design. Setting up lighting that will make your landscape pop at night will add increased beauty to an already amazing design! You want that lawn and those pants to last, which is why having a properly running irrigation system is CRITICALLY important.

Landscape projects can be fun, difficult, stressful and frustrating at times. However, the sheer beauty and atmosphere of a well thought-out landscaping design brings at its conclusion is always well worth the effort. Without sounding too much like an HGTV commercial, creating a beautiful landscape is always a rewarding experience to share with our customers. We have built many long lasting friendships and business relationships forged from the time, stresses and joys shared on these projects. Prices and ideas can vary, layouts can change – all being an inevitable part of the process when trying to get exactly what you want – but we work with you, we work FOR you, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Most important is the fact that we do not competitively bid for your work. We will not come to your home and try to convince you into spending money you don’t need to be spending. As a professional landscape company, we ask you your budget, and then we give you ideas and potential landscaping designs based on that. We will NEVER up sell you, you decide everything about your landscaping from A-Z, we just show you the way. We will educate you on how much materials cost, what we charge for our labor and design, and we do it with honesty and integrity. One promise you can hold true and count on with Xtreme’s Landscape Design Team; we will NEVER let you down. We keep our promises and we work our butts off for you!