Commercial Landscape Design & Installation

The design of your landscape can significantly impact the look of your business to your prospective customers. We can come up with a one-of-a-kind commercial landscape design to set you apart from your competition.


You really want to do your project all at once. The landscaping, the lighting, the whole shebang! Unfortunately, you only have enough to do 2 or 3 out of the 4. That means you have to do it in stages, right? The answer is NO! Ask us about our 0% financing offer.

Commercial Landscape Design & Installation

Your commercial landscaping tells a story about your business–what do you want your customers to hear about you? We are happy to help tell your story through our unmatched landscape design and installation services. Unlike many companies, we offer top-notch landscape design services as well as full landscape installations. This helps simplify the process while ensuring you get a better deal on beautiful landscaping.

Commercial Landscape Design

The design process begins when you meet with one of our master designers. You share your wants, needs and budget and we work to create outstanding designs that convey who you are as a brand through the art of landscaping. Over the years we have progressed into a full service landscape company, but we originated as a design company and our uniquely innovative designs stand in proof of that.

We believe that your landscaping should be as unique as your business, and that’s why we never use the same design plan twice. We strive to ensure every aspect of your landscaping is 100% personalized to your business and the layout of your property.

Commercial Landscape Installation

We create the perfect landscape design plan and then our master installers go to work bringing your commercial landscaping to life. We don’t bid out to subcontractors, instead we provide all design and installation services in-house. This gives us more flexibility to work within your budget and ultimately helps you save money. We can install anything and everything, including elaborate Tiki huts, unique hedges, basic sod, meditation gardens and the list goes on and on.

Superior Commercial Landscaping Installation & Design Services In Broward & Miami-Dade

We understand that commercial landscaping involves pleasing a lot of people–from owners to tenants to the local community. Our experiences afford us the insight to plan and install commercial landscaping that pleases as many people as humanly possible.

Our professional landscapers all have 10+ years experience, and have worked together between 4 and 6 years. Ample experience working in teams on a wide variety of commercial projects has produced an efficient system that ensures no details are overlooked.

Our crews wear matching logo uniforms and perform under the highest standards of professionalism. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance whenever we are working on your commercial property, especially during hours of operation. In proof of our quality, we guarantee all of our work for up to one year.