Commercial Services

When you work with Xtreme you are working with a team that takes pride in their work.

Get 1 MONTH FREE of Complete Lawn Maintenance

(Mowing, Weeding, Fertilization and Trimming)



We offer custom commercial maintenance plans to keep your landscape beautiful without all of the hassle.

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Design & Installation

Here at Xtreme Landscaping we can take care of the entire process from design to installation.

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Catered To Your Needs

Commercial landscaping is different than residential in many areas. Our policy is to offer healthy and beautiful material to ALL of our customers as we believe the quality of work and finished product directly represents Xtreme standards of operation. Commercial Landscaping in the new construction realm is usually a process based on the lowest bidder going against other landscape companies that are seeking out cheap, lackluster quality material to meet drawing specifications. These drawings are put in place to meet minimum city or county code requirements and to fill in space. Xtreme doesn’t operate in this realm.

The REDESIGN OR BEAUTIFICATION of commercial properties is where Xtreme shines. We take our methods and practices and we apply them to communities, complexes and buildings looking to wow visitors and set standards in their area. We work hand in hand with HOA’s, Property Management companies and their personnel to give these large, open and public areas a wow factor unmatched by local competitors. We excel at conceptualizing a plan to meet the properties wants and needs, presenting the plan to the decision makers, board members or residents and putting that plan into effect in a timely and professional manner. Your commercial property is our showpiece. We are here to make it amazing.