Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Service

Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Landscaping Service

No doubt, a commercial landscaping service can make all the difference for business owners and property managers alike. The goal is always to welcome new customers, clients, or tenants, while keeping current customers, clients, and tenants happy. This great first impression can be achieved, in part, by a lush healthy landscaping around your property. Lavish landscapes, with natural, beautiful plantings welcome visitors to your business, appeal to their sense of style, and speak volumes about your business, all of which makes choosing a Commercial Landscape Service of critical importance.

Selecting a landscape service is a significant investment for your business, and you need to seek out expert professionals to plan, implement, and manage your landscaping needs. To make the task easier, we’ve assemble a few pointers to help you make the choice of a commercial landscaping company wisely.

Experience, Dedication, and Reputation

Your property has unique needs. You have distinct desires for your property. When seeking out a commercial landscaping service, an experienced company will be able to handle both with skilled professionals who know exactly what to do. Don’t be afraid to ask how the commercial landscape company will communicate progress, issues, and ideas with you and how often. A well-qualified service will have a plan in place, with a contract that spells out their commitment to you and your business. As you search for the ideal commercial landscape service, check their reputation. This is easier than in years past, with the help of social media and the internet you will be able to learn a lot about the company in question via online reviews.

Qualifications and Customer Service

Ask to see the landscaping service’s portfolio, better yet drive to a few of the properties they service and see for yourself how their properties look. If the properties meet your expectations, check out the landscaping service’s customer service. Call customer service, ask questions, get a feel for their company, and see if they truly put their customers first. A professional landscape management company will also conduct a walkthrough before delivering their bid. When they come out to your property, ask questions, point out problem areas, ask about sustainable choices or drought resistant options, even irrigation. Well-qualified landscaping services will offer up solutions and improvements for your property.

License and Insurance Please

Every landscaping service you consider should have the appropriate licensure and insurance coverage for your area. It’s simply good business and lets you know they are trustworthy, dedicated, and deliver worry-free service for you.

Certification, Affiliation, and Awards

Commercial Landscaping Companies who belong to professional trade associations, promise to abide by industry rules and regulations, deliver quality service, and are accountable to accountable to the association guidelines. All of this means added value for you. In addition, awards indicate high levels of performance and expertise.

Personal Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask for references. Even a small, family owned company, or a company just starting out should have personal recommendations. A character reference gives credibility and shows their confidence in their services. For larger more established companies, references are easier to come by, but you should always follow up by actually calling the reference and asking about questions or concerns you may have.

Manpower, Equipment, and Safety

Finally, ask about the commercial landscaping service’s manpower. If they are a great company, but don’t have the manpower to accommodate clients’ needs, your projects or service requests may be delayed. The same goes for equipment, which should be up to date and in good condition, so technical difficulties don’t get in the way of your service. And last, ask about the landscaping company’s safety record and measures taken when hiring employees, both speak to higher standard of quality which will translate to better service at your property.


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