Don’t do to people what you don’t want done to yourself. I have always and will ALWAYS do right by my customers and friends.

Hey Guys! I’m a bit of a talker, so I’m going to give you a short version about myself and my company and the long version. If you care about your project, the money you are about to spend on said project, the integrity and reputation of the company you are about to contract AND/OR the quality of people you will be working with on your project then I suggest reading both the long and short versions..! I leave it to you!

Short Version
We are: Honest. Dependable. Trustworthy. High in Character, Miniscule in BS. Reputable. Caring. Efficient. Passionate. Dedicated. Intelligent. Hard Working. We are proud of everything that we have done, continue to do, and will do in the future for our customers and their families. You are our most important and appreciated asset as a company and we treat you like GOLD.

Long Version
You still with me?? Awesome!.. Take a deep breath and read on, remember though… I’m a talker!! One thing about me, and something you should pick up on immediately, is that I am extremely (no pun intended [OK, maybe a little…]) passionate about my profession. I started this company knowing I am very creative and talented in every area of outdoor design, and I wanted to offer you everything I possibly could to create an outdoor paradise. I am intensely focused on providing you with a fun and attentive process while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. I accomplish this goal by having the BEST staff you can ask for. I, truly, built this company around my personality, my beliefs and my love for interacting with you, my customer, and showing you all the great things this company can do for you. If you give me, and us – really, the opportunity to work with you…I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed.

The Passion I have for making people believers in what I do for a living is awesome, if I do say so myself! You have to want a passionate person running your project, I believe. Someone who not only understands what you want, and listens to you, but they want to show you more than what you can conceptualize. They want you in awe at the end. Well, that’s me. That’s Xtreme. Just by looking around, I think you can tell.. This web site, our logo, our advertisements, our uniforms, our trucks, our videos, our photos, all of our media kits and literature all the way down to our business cards and our notepads are all designed through me. I love being able to offer you something other people can’t and I love to make it known that I want Xtreme to be the best that we can be for you. All of these things are by no means “necessities”. Some are. Not all, though.. I do these things and offer these things to you because I want you to see the pride we take in everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING. My goal is to make you feel like family. It’s corny and you read it all the time, but as you deal with Xtreme you will realize how true it is. Xtreme is a company I expanded over the years to make life easier for everyone involved.

Each member of my staff is dedicated to the goal of making you CRAZY HAPPY. Not regular happy, or “kinda” happy. I have hired each staff member based on their individual talents and credentials, work history and experience.. just like any owner would. Executing my levels of due diligence… Of course but I look for more than that. I want to see people excited about what they do. I want them to have fun and take pride in developing their relationship with you, just as I do. I manage multiple layers of this business (OK, ALL LAYERS!! FINE!!) and its fun for me. The reason it’s fun is because of the most incredible staff imaginable. My designers are so passionate about what they do and their relationships with you and our other customers that it almost makes my job obsolete. What do you need me for when you have your designer on speed dial? Well, I am still the boss. So, there!.. All joking aside, from Kelli or myself answering the phone when you first call in to your first meeting with Jeremiah, Donny or myself you are going to feel attended to and listened to. We are a close group of friends and family for many years working together and that is something that has aided me tremendously in growing this company. I am extremely proud of them and the leaders each have become in their respective areas with us. Each of them has their own drive and love for this business and it shows up on every job, with every customer. You want these guys working for you because they CARE and they take PRIDE in making your home and outdoors experience better. This isn’t a business of selling burgers and fries, nor is it a Fortune 500. It is a business of fun and creative minds working together as a unit to create – FOR YOU – a beautiful new outdoor environment. We are a team, from top to bottom. We are all focused on one thing, making you happy.

I truly love what I do. I want you to be our next customer and I want you to see all that we have to offer, not only on the business side, but the personal side. Creating a new landscape or an entire outdoor living space/environment can be an investment in your home and your family. In my opinion you should be working WITH people who have your end goal and best interests at heart…People that care. I’m older now (not THAT old, relax!!), but growing up throughout the years, one thing my parents preached to me all the time growing up in is this old Trinidadian saying: “Do so d’oh like so.” Trini’s always have a funny way of making complicated things very simple. In other words, “Don’t do to people what you don’t want done to yourself.” I have always and will ALWAYS do right by my customers and friends.

I truly look forward to the opportunity to meet you and earn your business.

Very Truly Yours,

Matthew M. Mouttet