Your Lawn and Water Conservation

Your Lawn and Water Conservation

Water is crucial for your lawn. Without water, your lawn will be missing out on an essential element needed to grow and flourish. After all, a healthy and beautiful lawn simply cannot thrive without water. Of course, water is a prized natural resource around the world because its supply is limited, making water conservation important for everyone.

Homeowners all over the United States, including those of us in South Florida, need to understand the importance of water conservation, preventing waste and preserving this natural resource.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you keep your lawn looking great while you conserve water:

Plant Properly

Because certain plants require more water, while others need less, grouping your plants accordingly can help. Keeping plants grouped according to their water needs, not only helps with water conservation, but makes watering your garden much simpler. And when choosing plants, select those native to your area; they can thrive on the natural water supply and require very little watering. You can also choose drought tolerant plants which can flourish in both sun or shade for your beds.

When you do water, don’t water over the plants but directly into the soil surrounding them. Consider using drip irrigation or hand-watering plants, which will help plants get the water they need at the roots zone with little lost to evaporation.

Save Water: Landscaping Garden Beds

Mulching your garden beds with three inches of organic mulch is a good way to save water. Replenish mulch each spring and fall for best results. Mulching helps your soil and the plants planted in it preserve and hold moisture longer, keeping plants healthy without additional watering. In the same way, ground cover plants are another option resulting in the same positive effect. Composting is another positive option aiding plants in retaining moisture and health. Another option is aerating the soil in your beds and allowing the water reach deep down to the plants’ roots and deliver the nourishment they need.

Water the Lawn: Conservation

Grass is an incredibly thirsty plant, which means irrigation can take a great deal of water to keep your lawn green and healthy. Selecting the proper irrigation system can help you apply water effectively to your lawn without waste. An automated irrigation system, like drip irrigation, delivers a focused method of watering that saves water while keeping the lawn watered. Setting your irrigation system for morning watering helps avoid evaporation. You’ll want to avoid watering on windy days when more water evaporates instead of reaching the soil and your plants.  Also watering deeply, while less often, allows more water to saturate the soil and encourages grass roots to grow deeper.

When irrigation is in place, you should check it monthly for leaks from broken sprinkler heads, valves, or pipes. A tiny leak means a lot of water wasted. In addition, you can recycle water and use it for your lawn. Rainwater gathering is one way, but you can also use water from cooking and washing to water you landscaped lawns.

All of these tips are easy and effective ways to conserve water – one of earth’s greatest natural resources. All you need is a bit of planning to keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful while conserving water as you go!

At Xtreme Landscaping, we put 200 percent into every project you entrust us with and we would love to help you implement any or all of these water conservation ideas for your lawn and garden. We look forward to helping you transform your yard into a lush, water conserving oasis.

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