I make it my goal to make you happy as the customer, because without you we do not exist.

My name is Donny Weston and I am a design consultant/project manager at Xtreme. My love for landscaping can be traced back to my childhood where I remember asking my aunt to help her with her precious rose and herb gardens every time we used to visit.

If any of you out there are from a Caribbean background you know the type landscaping that you grew up with. Lots of color but its also a very unorganized landscape. “Oh that looks nice I will get that and find somewhere to put that!” I like to think that I have a Caribbean influence to my landscape style but with the organization aspect deeply engrained. Now because of that Caribbean background, Jamaica to be exact, I have a laid back approach to most things especially when it comes to dealing with you as our customer. Making a decision which direction you want to go when it comes to design can be very stressful. But I assure you the hardest part is getting started. Once you gain some traction the whole project takes off and that is when it truly becomes fun for all. I like to think that I am easy to work and easy to get along with, but I will let you be the judge of that!

I feel that the greatest thing about working with and for Xtreme is the way we plan and design projects. Our ultimate goal as a team is to make sure that every customer feels that they have a hand in shaping their landscape, and not that they JUST hired a landscaper to design their landscape. BUT we also know that some do not want to even be involved with the design and that is okay too! Whatever your preference we will work to make you part of the team so we can achieve the goal of making your outdoors come to life!

To give you a little insight into whom I am and who we are…Matt and I have been the best of friends since the first day of high school. We used to always put our heads together with different project like things, most that never came to fruition because of the sheer magnitude we took them to but that is not important! We have a tendency to take a simple thing and try to push the envelope of where it can go and how we can improve upon it. In short we did not choose the name Xtreme by chance. The most important thing that you need to know is that we/I are genuine. We stand behind everything that we do and I take my work very personally. I make it my goal to make you happy as the customer because without you we do not exist. I hope you enjoy looking at our designs as much as we do creating them with you! I look forward to helping you realize your very own private oasis…