Cost Cutting Commercial Landscaping Tips and Tricks

Cost Cutting Commercial Landscaping Tips and Tricks

As you know landscaping plays a huge role in how your business brand is viewed, making landscaping upkeep and appearance critical to the first impression you make on clients, customers, and colleagues. The catch is, landscaping done well, can be costly, especially when you are trying to keep the budget balanced and make a good impression. The exterior of your business or organization needs to be continually maintained, offering an attractive appearance to your guests as well as to those who are just passing by, but who could be potential clients or customers. The truth is commercial landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive to look great and deliver the well-maintained exterior you desire. Here are some effective cost cutting tips for attractive and appealing commercial landscaping.

Focus Your Efforts on the Entrance

Obviously, your entrance makes the first impression for anyone coming into your business or organization. It is important that your entrance and the pathway leading up to it are clean and tidy, as well as welcoming. Because of the significance of your entrance, you can focus the majority of your budget here and it still doesn’t have to be expensive. First of all, your entrance should be obvious, your potential clients shouldn’t have any difficulty in determining the location of your entrance or your invitation to come in.

You can accomplish this welcoming entryway in a number of cost-effective ways. If you don’t have a lot of garden space, planters have great appeal when they feature grasses and bright, inviting flowers. If you do have open garden space at your entryway, consider adding seasonal flowers, blubs, and ornamental grasses to lead the way to your door. In both cases, the colorful features of the flowers and grasses will let guests know just where to go.

Low Maintenance Is the Key

Low maintenance landscaping can be a great cost-cutting measure, saving you time and money on the required regular maintenance your commercial landscaping will need throughout the year. This means you’ll be choosing plants that are native to your area and will thrive without excessing watering or pruning. Proper planning and preparation means you’ll know before you plant, how much care the landscape you are selecting will need throughout the year.

Remember, no landscape is maintenance free, but low maintenance means your landscape will looking well-maintained and welcoming throughout the year. If you select plants that emphasize color, texture, and season, you simply can’t go wrong. Using native grasses, shrubs, and even evergreens as a backdrop for seasonal blooms is a great way to showcase your brand in an inviting way.

When planning your landscaping, you’ll also want to avoid overplanting. Overplanting occurs when you want immediate impact, which works great for the first season, but after a year or two, your budget will be spent on pruning, thinning, and maintaining those overplanted plants!

Going Low Cost for Outdoor Spaces

You may love the look of a stone inlayed walkway or a natural area for employees and guests to gather that is covered in river rock, but when adding elements to outdoors spaces, there are less costly items that will look just as good. You can create beautiful outdoor spaces like courtyards and quiet seating areas, without blowing your landscaping budget. Various gravels offer a low-cost surface that needs very little maintenance and looks great in pathways and seating areas. Adding some low voltage lighting is an inexpensive way to keep everyone safe all year long while adding early morning and evening appeal.

The professionals at Xtreme Landscaping are experts in helping you achieve the commercial landscaping look you want without blowing your budget.