Commercial Landscaping for Your Industrial Property

Commercial Landscaping for Your Industrial Property

Landscaping your industrial property requires an abundance of ideas, followed by the selection of an appropriate plan and proper execution. Because industrial properties are busy places with employees, clients, colleagues, and equipment constantly on the move, coming and going, to keep the business successful. Making the choice to landscape can not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the proper, but also provide break time relaxation for employees as well as professional colleagues or clients visiting the property.

If you are not sure where to begin in landscaping your industrial property, let’s explore just what is required to get your industrial landscaping project completed on time and within your budget.

A Solid Plan

With every landscaping project, planning is the key to success. Your commercial landscaping company will help you determine the best plan – one that is suitable for your property while enhancing its appearance. Keep in mind, that every property is unique, using your properties advantages can help to achieve your landscaping goals. Investing the time, creating a budget, and developing a timeline are all important steps in planning your project.

The Unique Theme

Because your industrial property is unique, you will want unique landscaping to enhance your property. With your current architecture in mind, your commercial landscaping team will help you select the theme that best complements your business in a positive and effective way. Making color choices that harmonize and selecting a variety of textures will enrich the appearance of your property.

A Welcoming Entrance

The entrance to your industrial property is your opportunity to make a first impression on visitors, whether they are current clients, potential clients, or colleagues. You entrance also serves to welcome employees to their workday. Allowing your entrance will invite and welcome visitors and make a positive first impression.

Your entrance should be a focal point that creates positivity immediately on entering the property. This focal point adds depth, dimension, and enhances your property’s curb appeal.

A Safe Environment

When planning your commercial landscaping, plants should be chosen in view of their size at maturity to maintain a safe environment for visitors and employees. You don’t want to choose plants that will obstruct walkways, impede views, or block signage once they grow to maturity. Ensuring plants are chosen and installed wisely will not only keep the landscaping healthy and attractive, but will keep your guests and employees safe while on your industrial property.

Your Maintenance Schedule

During plan, be sure to discuss what maintenance will be required of your commercial landscaping with your landscaping contractor. Every landscaping project requires maintenance to keep looking its best and enhancing your property. Your plant selections will factor into the needed maintenance once your project is complete.  Understanding these costs up front will help you make the best selections and choosing low maintenance, native plants is a good way to keep maintenance costs down while ensuring your landscaping goals.

A Final Thought

At Xtreme Landscaping and Ground Maintenance, we understand that the commercial landscaping of your industrial property brings challenges not present in residential landscaping projects. Industrial properties have much higher traffic levels on a daily basis. In general, industrial sites don’t want elaborate landscaping but attractive easily maintained landscaping. At Xtreme Landscaping, our goal is to meet your industrial landscaping expectations with colorful native plants that require minimal maintenance while enhancing the aesthetics of your property to make a positive impression on your visitors. Call on Xtreme Landscaping for your commercial landscaping needs, you won’t be disappointed.