7 Innovative Landscape Designs for South Florida

7 Innovative Landscape Designs for South Florida

As a leading landscape designer in South Florida, we’ve worked on some truly innovative landscape designs over the years. Landscaping is one of the most affordable ways to add value to your home. Here’s a look at some of our favorite ways we’ve transformed spaces into front and backyards worth bragging about.

1.Landscaping Your Yard Without Grass


You don’t have to add a high-maintenance grass lawn to achieve a beautiful front yard. In proof, we used a mixture of plants, climbing vines, bark and rocks to create this colorful and low maintenance front yard. Trees were planted in raised beds to promote healthy growth in the future, while surrounding plants were added near tree bases for extra pops of color. While this yard looked stunning right after it was completed, it’ll only get better with time as plants mature and vines continue to grow.

2. Oh, The Difference Trees Can Make


We proudly specialize in tree relocation and removal. In South Florida, trees are a big deal and adding them to your yard can make a solid impact. The owners of this property wanted to completely renovate their yard, and the addition of palm trees helped us accomplish a more polished look around the pool. Trees also added more privacy, which was important to this home as it faces other houses on the same strip of water.  We used a combination of different materials and plants to create colorful borders and lots of dimension.

3. Winning Curb Appeal


For this project, we used grass as a border for a pretty collection of trees, shrubs and plants placed closer to the home. A walkway made of stepping stones offers easy access and some added design. Speaking of design, landscape design should always pay tribute to the home or business it adorns. You can make the colors of a building stand out by adding the right tones and hues to landscaping, hence what we did here. 

While landscaping is all about appearances, functionality is equally important. Placing trees near the home provides shade and can reduce electricity bills associated with cooling costs. And you can’t forget the irrigation system, which is crucial to keeping a yard beautiful for years to come.

4. A Cozy Yard to Kick Back & Entertain


Your yard should serve as a private place to kick back with friends and family, and this yard pulls it off perfectly. We broke up the yard into distinct sections using different materials to line pathways—including stepping stones, concrete and gravel. The hammock is incredibly intriguing; follow the precisely-placed stepping stones and enjoy lounging in it while surrounded by lush greenery. Everything we plant is focused on added aesthetics and functionality. For instance, the pretty trees dotting the border of the yard add privacy from the neighbors. Plus, the trees planted near the hammock will grow and offer more shade.

5. Spiral Pruning Trees


Want to add a touch of luxury to your landscaping without spending a fortune? Spiral pruning trees offers a unique and classy touch, just look at this beautiful landscaping job to see what we mean. The goal is to not overdo it; we kept it clean and simple by adding spiral trees to the front entryway, with complimenting trees surrounding.

Large smooth rocks were used to decorate plant beds near the front entry way, offering a low maintenance alternative to groundcover plants. The colors of the rocks help the surrounding plants stand out more. Notice the spilled pot of rocks? We’re all about adding unique design twists in accordance with our clients’ styles.

6. New Pool Construction Needs Landscaping


Keri’s yard has a lovely pool but it needed some additional landscaping to be an inviting space. So, we went to work planting a variety of tropical florae including different textures and colors to create the “lush tropical oasis” these home owners were dreaming of. We added more texture and design by incorporating stamped concrete. We even made use of old wine barrels the owner had around for years and wanted to incorporate. We are always happy to accommodate requests for unique materials or design elements, it’s part of what keeps our job interesting and exciting.

7. The Joys of Bright Colorful Flowers


If you adore brightly colored flowers, we can turn your yard into a vibrant and blooming paradise. This landscaping job relied on a variety of gorgeous flowers, while the main staple color is red, we incorporated green and purple hues to the mix. The decorative borders around plant beds and trees provides a clean and orderly appearance. 

We’d Love to Landscape Your South Florida Yard!

There’s no mistaking the origins of our name—we are all about the Xtreme, and that includes putting 200% into every project we are trusted to design, landscape, and maintain. Contact us today to get a free quote for landscape design and installation. We look forward to transforming your yard into a picture-perfect dream come true.

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